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How to Excel in the Workplace

Early Career Employee


An early employee experience focused on the transition from the academic classroom to the workplace.

Early Career Employee 

Course Overview

To guide early career employees through a successful transition from the college environment to the workplace. Is your 

organization experiencing turnover among early career employees? With many Millennial employees quitting their jobs in less than 2 years, ME360 has a system to increase your retention and boost return on investment.



  • School to Work: Making a Successful Transition 

  • Working Productively with Generation Xers & Boomers

  • Excelling as a Contributor and Team Member

  • Understanding the Power (& Limitations) of Social Media 

  • Resolving Conflicts at Work 


Learning Outcomes

  • Five accelerated 3-hour courses with 15 hours of engaging, advanced content.

  • All courses designed by an award-winning management educator, author, expert in organizational behavior.

  • Information-packed, practical training covers what every early employee should know.

  • Courses designed to be taken in any order. 

  • Training & reference materials, action plans, and self-assessments provided.

  • Testing and assurance of learning included.

  • Course content current, relevant, and tailored to each client company. 

  • Practical development assignments in every course.

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