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Meet Rob

A Fresh Perspective on Organizational Health

Executives & Senior Managers 

Practical and actionable insights specially designed for senior managers. 

Executive & Senior Management 

Course Overview

Executives are busy, sometimes too busy to step back to get a fresh perspective on key areas affecting their organization's health. ME360 offers 10 engaging, accelerated courses specially designed to help top leadership keep current & amplify their effectiveness.  



  • Top Strategic Challenges Facing Business Leaders Today

  • Leading Multiple Generations at Work

  • Strategic Planning & Anticipating Change

  • High Performance Coaching & Knowledge Transfer

  • Aligning Mission, Culture, & Talent

  • Being an Effective Change Agent

  • Guiding High Performance Teams

  • Highly Effective Communication Strategies

  • Building a Strong Organizational Culture

  • Creating a Habit of Emotional Stability


Learning Outcomes 

  • Ten accelerated 3-hour courses okay 30 hours of engaging, advanced content.

  • All courses designed by an award-winning management educator, author, expert in organizational behavior.

  • Information-packed, practical training covers advanced leadership concepts & practical implementation tactics.

  • Courses designed to be taken in any order. 

  • Training & reference materials, action plans, and self-assessments provided.

  • Testing & assurance of learning included.

  • Most suitable for advanced & experienced senior managers.

  • Course content current, relevant, and tailored to each client company.

  • Practical development assignments built into courses.

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