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Meet Rob

The Current Hiring Landscape is Changing 

Specialized Courses

For Hiring & HR Managers

Understand how the current hiring landscape is changing, and develop a new perspective on talent acquisition.

Specialized Hiring & HR Manager 

Course Overview

To provide hiring and HR managers the latest thinking, tools and technologies with regard to effective recruitment and selection practices. ME360 can help you deploy cutting edge technologies to improve find and hire top performers. 




  • Changing Workforce Demographics & Intergenerational Challenges

  • Use Social Platforms to Recruit Top Talent

  • Create Position Agreements & Job Descriptions

  • Develop & Administer Structured Interviews

  • Understand & Manage Your Biases 



Learning Outcomes 

  • Five accelerated 3-hour courses with 15 hours of engaging, advanced content.

  • All courses designed by an award-winning management educator, author, expert in organizational behavior.

  • Information-packed, practical training covers advanced hiring concepts & practical implementation tactics.

  • Courses designed to be taken in any order. 

  • Training & reference materials, action plans, and self-assessments provided.

  • Testing and assurance of learning included.

  • Recommended for HR or hiring managers. 

  • Course content current, relevant, and tailored to each client company. 

  • Practical development assignments in each course.

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