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Translating Long-term Strategies into Action

Mid-Level Managers 

Courses to help mid-level managers prepare for the transition from "working manager" to leader. 

Mid-Level Management

Course Overview

Mid-level managers are the bridges between senior managers and the frontline. They play a critical role in translating long-term strategies into implementable action plans. We offer 10 courses to help mid-level managers prepare for the transition from "working manager" to leader.  



  • Shifting from Technical Expert to People Developer 

  • Thinking & Acting Like a Leader 

  • Resolving Conflicts through Win-Win Negotiation 

  • Working Effectively with Boomers, Gen Xers, & Millennials 

  • Building & Maintaining High Functioning Teams 

  • Being an Effective Change Agent 

  • Supporting Mission-Culture-Talent Alignment 

  • Motivating Others for High Performance 

  • Effective Writing, Public Speaking, & Communication Strategies 

  • Organizing & Running Efficient Meetings  


Learning Outcomes 

  • Ten accelerated 3-hour courses okay 30 hours of engaging, advanced content.

  • All courses designed by an award-winning management educator, author, expert in organizational behavior.

  • Information-packed, practical training covers leadership concepts & practical implementation tactics.

  • Courses designed to be taken in any order. 

  • Training & reference materials, action plans, and self-assessments provided.

  • Testing and assurance of learning included.

  • Most suitable for experienced mid-level managers.

  • Course content current, relevant, and tailored to each client company. 

  • Practical development assignments built into courses.

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