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From Employee to Frontline Manager 

New to Management

Learn concepts & practices that will quickly help you transition from an employee to a frontline manager.

Are you newly promoted but have little formal management training? Being a good manager is not as easy as it looks. There are some key concepts & tools that will quickly help you become a more effective manager. We offer 10 courses to individuals who are new to management. 



  • Transitioning from Employee to Manager 

  • Planning, Organizing, Leading, & Communicating for Results 

  • Goal Setting that Achieves Results 

  • Soft Skills That Are Required to be an Impactful Manager 

  • Planning & Decision Making Skills

  • Techniques for Motivating Employees 

  • Providing Constructive Feedback & Other Coaching Skills 

  • Essential Leadership Skills 

  • Time Management & Project Planning 

  • Resolving Conflict & Negotiation Skills 


Learning Outcomes 

  • Ten accelerated 3-hour courses with 30 hours of engaging, advanced content.

  • All courses designed by an award-winning management educator, author, expert in organizational behavior.

  • Information-packed, practical training covers fundamental management concepts & practical implementation tactics.

  • Courses designed to be taken in any order. 

  • Training & reference materials, action plans, and self-assessments provided.

  • Testing and assurance of learning included.

  • Suitable for new managers

  • Course content current, relevant, and tailored to each client company. 
    Practical development assignments built into courses.

New Manager

Course Overview

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